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Marble is a metamorphic rock originated from limestone exposed to high temperatures and pressure. For this reason, the largest deposits of marble are found in regions of limestone bedrock and volcanic activity. Marble is a rock explored for use in construction.

Main Mineralogy – calcite, dolomite

Minor constituents – quartz, pyrite, amphibole, diopside, etc.

Chemical Composition – carbonate (calcite magnesium)

Structure – massive to foliated

Textures – granoblastic, granoblastic polygonizada

Types of metamorphism – regional and contact metamorphism

Main metaderivadas rocks – limestone and dolomite.

Comments – are classified commercially as marble, all carbonate rocks capable of receiving polish. The mineralogical composition depends on the chemical composition of sediments and metamorphic grade. In this way, have a variety of colours and textures, structures that become quite profitable in the industry of ornamental rocks. (By Mark unb Agronomy).

In Portugal, the largest explorations of marble are located around the area of Estremoz.

Did you know?

The beauty of marble sculptures result of the low refractive index of calcite, which allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being reflected, resulting in the glassiness what gives “life” to the sculptures of human bodies made of white marble.


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